Epilepsy Advocacy Project – advocating for adoption of the WHO Resolution on epilepsy (increased funding for epilepsy programs and services from government, intergovernmental and non-government sources). This is our flagship project. Please visit this page for more information – www.epilepsyafrica.org/advocacyproject

Young people with Epilepsy Support (YES) Project – funded by the IBE, this project supports young people with epilepsy to run innovative income generating or epilepsy education projects.

Awareness Project – International Epilepsy Day activities and social media activities.

African Epilepsy Congress – after every two years we host an African congress in association with the IBE and ILAE.

Human Rights Project – supported by the Africa Disability Alliance (ADA) through Edycs Epilepsy Group (Mauritius). Edycs is as a sub grantee of the Alliance for Rights Africa Towards Disability Inclusion (ARADI).

Development and Capacity Building of Associations Project – promoting and assisting with the formation of new and strengthening of existing epilepsy associations.