The International Bureau for Epilepsy – Africa Region [IBE-AR] has appointed new Africa Regional Executive Committee [AREC] to ensure IBE – Africa effectively does its work across the continent. The AREC has four main committees: (i) Advocacy, Research and Learning,  (ii) Resource Mobilization,  (iii) Diversity and Inclusion, and (iv) Communications and Branding. The AREC is made of members from the various epilepsy chapters across the continent.  The structure of the committee is as follows:


  1. Action Amos – Vice President [Malawi]
  2. Youssouf Normamode – Vice Chairperson [Mauritius]
  3. Betty Nsachilwa – Secretary [Zambia]

Advocacy, Research and Learning Committee

  1. Dr Paul [Ghana]
  2. Fredrick Beuchi [Kenya]

Resource Mobilization Committee

  1. Kenneth Nsom [Cameroon]
  2. Sharlene Cassal [South Africa]
  3. Mokshada [Mauritius]

Diversity and Inclusion Committee

  1. Nina Mago [Uganda]
  2. Keziah [Kenya]

Communications and Branding Committee 

  1. Max Bangura [Sierra Leone]
  2. Comfort Musa [Cameroon]
  3. Mbutfo Masuku [Eswatini]

The AREC has four advisory board members;

  1. Dr Symon Kariuki
  2. Advocate Nkandu Nchindila
  3. Dr Florence Biangana
  4. Dr Lisk