Welcome to Epilepsy Africa,
Karibu, Kaabo, Wamukelekile, Mauya, እንኳንደህናመጣህ, Kulandila

Welcome to the website of Epilepsy Africa. We are advocates. Our work is to advocate for the prevention of epilepsy and for better services for people with the condition and their families on the African continent. Our work is to improve the quality of life of 10 million people with epilepsy in Africa through our network of associations in 22 countries. We provide programs to dispel myths, reduce stigma and increase knowledge of epilepsy.


What is Epilepsy?

Medically, epilepsy is a non-contagious, brain disorder characterised by recurring seizures.

Socially, epilepsy is characterised by long term stigma and exclusion. In most communities, people with the condition face injustice.

Did you know…?

  • 75 in 100 people in Africa are not on treatment!

  • 75 in 100 are stigmatized and excluded from education, training, employment and social life!

  • 75 in 100 have incorrect knowledge about epilepsy

  • 75 in 100 are in rural communities!

  • 75 in 100 can be easily treated with very cheap medicines!

  • 75 in 100 have no access to health services

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