November 20th–21st Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Together, the International Bureau of Epilepsy and African Union are partnering to empower persons with epilepsy to advocate for equal rights and full
participation in society – leveraging global policy frameworks to drive action across the region.
For many years, IBE and its chapters have been working towards ensuring people with epilepsy benefit from international initiatives such as the United
Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD), and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) – ensuring that no one is left

However, we now have a specific global instrument which aims to strengthen the public health approach to epilepsy, and which was unanimously approved
by all member states of the World Health Organization: The World Health Organization’s 10-year Intersectoral Global Action Plan on Epilepsy and
Neurological Disorders 2022-31 (IGAP).

Already, many African governments are considering how IGAP can be domesticated and implemented in their countries.
In line with this policy momentum, IBE has stepped up its advocacy efforts worldwide and is working to equip its organizations and advocates to ensure that
IGAP can be used to drive a transformational social change for people with epilepsy everywhere, including in Africa.
2023, and beyond, mark critical years for the epilepsy movement in Africa. Therefore, this year, IBE is supporting a major portfolio of work in the region.
This includes the roll-out of projects grants in the following categories: Trendsetters, Champions and Small Funds, including dedicated resources for projects
targeting Youth and Women.

IBE will also organize a major three-day conference in Ethiopia with 12 sessions.

Day 1 of the event will bring together the wider regional epilepsy community, policy advocates, human rights institutions, mainstream civil society,
government, development agencies and other NGOs to strategize on IGAP implementation – with a focus on strategic objective 5: Strengthening the Public
Health Approach to Epilepsy, and its associated global targets to close treatment and inclusion gaps. Here, IBE chapters will also have the opportunity to
promote their work, and share best practice and learnings.

Day 2 will bring the community together to look at challenges in accessing healthcare, education and social justice for people with epilepsy in Africa, each
followed by an interactive session exploring advocacy focussed solutions. At the end of the day, a regional Call to Action for 2024 will be launched based on
input gathered during these earlier sessions –Call to Action to Eradicate Epilepsy Stigma in Africa.

Participating in this two-day IBE workshop will offer attendees an opportunity to:

  • Avail of peer-to-peer support and engage in shared learning with advocates/organization who share common challenges
  • Network with the wider epilepsy community from across the African Continent
  • Raise the profile of your organization and its achievements with a broader audience
  • Meet IBE senior leaders and share your views on unmet needs and priorities in Africa
  • Garner a greater understanding of IGAP and develop roadmaps for its implementation
  • Contribute to the development of a shared Call to Action for Africa 2024
  • Build skills and knowledge in areas of advocacy, awareness raising, resource mobilization and evidence generation/use.
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Conference Themes &Speakers

House Keeping – For In-person Participants


The conference will take place, at the Capital Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. You may wish to book your own accommodation at Capital Hotel, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as IBE is in a position to assist with your accommodation booking. Please note that IBE will offer in person attendees teas and lunch on the 20th and the 21st and a group dinner where we will launch the Regional Call To Action of Epilepsy Stigma Reduction on the final day of the conference.


When you arrive at Addis Ababa International Airport, please ensure you complete all immigration and customs formalities there.
As soon as you come out of the exit doors, please take the right-side exit and look out for the Capital Hotel Shuttle (if you book with this hotel).
The Hotel will provide transport to the hotel. The same arrangement applies on the departure date.


For local travel, limit movement in the evening hours and try to be within the hotel complex as from 20:00hrs. It is advisable to walk in groups and avoid streets with poor lighting,  back-streets and alleys, dimly lit areas and high-risk areas. Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) pose a security risk and should be accessed in safe places like shopping malls and banks only. Before leaving the hotel, seek advice on alternative means of transport from the logistics team, and remember to tell someone that you are going out. Addis is a city that is located in an urban environment. We apologize in advance for inaccessibility in many parts of the city but feel free to communicate any additional needs and requirements, and we will do our utmost to facilitate you.


Ethiopian currency is the birr. You will also need to carry a round plug point as it’s the one used in Ethiopia. Weather in Ethiopia will be very warm since it will be the Autumn season. pack appropriate clothes, not forgetting jerseys as you might experience chilly nights and rains.


Please take precautions for Yellow Fever 7 days before your departure to Ethiopia. A Yellow Fever certificate may be requested before boarding and/or on arrival.
Please also inform us of any dietary restrictions/access requirements or other needs that may impact on your health and safety during your time in Ethiopia.


If there are any changes to the logistical arrangements, you will be advised by Mr Moses Nderemani or a CareEpilepsy staff member in good time.


For more information or any emergency, please do not hesitate to contact the following:

1. Mr Moses Nderemani
IBE Africa, Communications Coordinator
Email: ndelemanimoses@gmail.com
Mobile: +265 997 078 089

2. Mr Abiy Masarat
CareEpilepsy Ethiopia, Office Manager
Email: masratabiy@gmail.com
Mobile: +251 91 163 3077

We look forward to seeing you in Ethiopia.