Panel Discussion with; Dr Osma Miyanji [KAWE – Senior Consultant in Pidiatrics and Pediatric Neorolgy], Mrs Lori Harriel [Programs Developer – Row Foundation], Mr David Ntuchu [CODEF Board Chairman – Retired Seniour Nursing Officer], and Mr Enoos Bashier [WHO Technical Officer – NCD Intergrated Services].

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Epilepsy is one of the most common and serious brain disorders in the world. It affects at least 50 million people in the worldwide. About 100 million people will have at least one epileptic seizure at some time in their lives. Most of the causes of symptomatic epilepsy are preventable and treatable. The condition has serious physical, psychological, social and economic consequences for the concerned persons and their families. In spite of global advances in diagnosis and treatment in recent years, about eight million people with epilepsy in Africa are not treated with modern anti-epileptic drugs. Epilepsy is a treatable condition and relatively cheap medication is available, however the treatment gap in developing countries remains very high. 80% people still do not receive treatment. Of the 20% who access medication 75% experience perennial drug shortages. 94% of health centers in Africa often experience drug stock outs throughout the year. What do health experts say about this? This webinar will discuss this issue of drug shortages and what can be done.