The International Bureau for Epilepsy – Africa Region (IBE-AR) has welcomed four Epilepsy Associations to be members/affiliates of the International Bureau for Epilepsy Family. The four chapters join 26 other chapters’ part of the IBE-Africa family. These Epilepsy Organizations are Young Epilepsy Botswana – Botswana, Initiative for Epilepsy Awareness – South Sudan, Shine Epilepsy Support – Kenya, and Tanzania Epilepsy Organization – Tanzania.

Welcoming these organizations, IBE-Africa Vice President Action Amos stated that on behalf of IBE he is happy to see the association grow with new members joining in as this will expand epilepsy work across the continent and beyond. “With more chapters associating and working with IBE we are a step closer to making epilepsy a health priority in Africa, as this means more hands on epilepsy work, resulting in no one with epilepsy being left behind in Africa. The upcoming 10 year Intersectoral Global Action Plan on Epilepsy and others Neurological Disorders needs all stakeholders to work together”.  Mr Amos further assured that IBE will continue to welcome new members and support them the best way IBE can.


“The Shine Epilepsy Support is a national non-profit organization in Kenya that is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of people (children, young people and adults) with epilepsy through awareness, advocacy, education, programs, support services and research throughout Kenya. It is the organization’s goal to close the gap of the plight of people with epilepsy; improve how people with epilepsy are perceived, accepted, and valued in society; as well as to ensure together with their families have access to full life experiences”.

Shine Epilepsy Support was founded by Annastacia Kavemba who also serves as its Director. To contact SES, one can email: or visit their platforms;

Website: |Facebook: |Twitter: |Instagram:


“The Tanzania Epilepsy Organization (TEO) is an organization based in Tanzania, which was established with the aim of advocating, educating and provision of legal and economic aid to people with epilepsy and to empower vulnerable groups increase income, promote access to justice, health and social services”. The organization’s mission is to change the negative attitudes towards people living with epilepsy through awareness, empowerment, and promotion of education, advocacy research, and access to best medication and diagnosis. TEO was founded in 2010 by Ms. Fides Uiso who also serves as the Director. To contact TEO;

Email: |Website: |Facebook: |Twitter: tanzaniaEpilepsy |Instagram: tanzaniaepilepsy


The Initiative for Epilepsy Awareness (IFEA), is a non-governmental organization based in South Sudan in 2021. It was formed with the aim to create awareness on epilepsy, mental health and other associated health condition. IFEA works to improve the quality life of people with epilepsy in South Sudan. To contact IFEA:


Email: |Website: |Facebook: | Twitter: IFEA_SouthSudan


Young Epilepsy Botswana (YEB) is a non-governmental organization operating in Botswana. This is a support group for young people living with epilepsy in which it offers emotional support to those with epilepsy. YEB raises epilepsy awareness by reaching out to schools, in the workplace and other hosted events.

Contact YEB through Ms. Naledi:

Email: | Facebook:

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