Advocacy Trainer Vacancy

The International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE), with support from Band Foundation, is looking for an ‘ADVOCACY TRAINER’ to conduct capacity building in the form of training for CSOs working on lobbying and advocating for epilepsy inclusion.

Specific tasks

  1. Develop a training programme and schedule and the necessary tools for delivery of training;
  2. Develop training manuals/notes/PowerPoint files to be used in the delivery of training;
  3. Deliver training with a focus and practical examples to demonstrate evidence and human rights approaches;
  4. Share training tools developed with the Project Coordinator prior to the training date;
  5. Deliver the program in a manner that enables learning and application virtually;
  6. Where appropriate, provide ‘take home’ notes for participants;
  7. Develop and submit high quality training reports.

Qualifications and required competencies

IBE is looking for a consultant with the following skills and competencies:
1. Relevant first degree or higher background in public health, social sciences or natural sciences;
2. Knowledge and experience in policy analysis, lobbying and advocacy;
3. Demonstrated 5 years’ experience in carrying out similar assignments with proper evidence;
4. Extensive work experience and proven record in capacity development, advocacy, organizational/
institutional developments and strategic management;
5. Excellent writing and reporting skills;
6. Good knowledge of the African NGO arena.

Application process
For Full Terms of Reference contact Action Amos at
Applicants should submit both their technical and financial proposals in soft copy to the IBE Executive
Director, Ann Little at with a copy to Action Amos at
Closing date for the receipt of applications is 30th January, 2021.