The International Bureau for Epilepsy – Africa Region (IBE-AR) once again extends its invitation the 9th webinar as we continue to ‘Make Epilepsy a Health Priority’.

This time we will be talking to Traditional Doctors to get there perspectives on:

  1. The role of traditional doctors in Making Epilepsy a Health Priority in Africa.
  2. Traditional Healing is often the first port of call for epilepsy – How does the system work?
  3. Their thoughts on the WHA Resolution 73.10

Topic: Traditional Healing and Epilepsy in Africa – Voices of African Doctors

Date: 22nd October 2021

Time: 2:00 pm Pretoria Time [1:00 pm Dublin Time](-2 hrs GMT, -1 hr WAT, +1hr EAT, +2 hrs Mauritius/Seychelles


Join us as we will have a very interesting and informative discussion.

To register and receive link, email: