Woman holding an ultrasound image of her baby

Having a baby is an exciting time, full of wonderment, anticipation and joy. But for women with epilepsy, becoming pregnant and having a baby is a little more complicated. For this reason, the International Bureau for Epilepsy (IBE) has developed a new website – womenandepilepsy.org – as part of a wider project on this topic.

A campaign informed by real-world needs

To help us identify which information women with epilepsy want and where there are information gaps, we surveyed almost 900 women across Europe. Their personal insights have been vital in developing the website to empower women with epilepsy to talk with their medical care providers and get the medical support and advice they need.
Women have to contend with additional issues, but information is power, so we’re providing all the information a women with epilepsy will need to know about pregnancy, hormones, sex and more.

We hope to expand this critical campaign to other global regions of the world.

Visit the WomenAndEpilepsy.org website here.

Working group members:

Professor Gus Baker (Chair), Mrs Ann Little (Co-chair), Mrs Tea Bobinac-Krivacic, Prof Martin Brodie, Mrs Elizabeth Cunningham, Ms Erin Davies, Prof Joanna Jedrzejczak, Mrs Barbora Jones, Dr Lieven Lagae, Ms Lorraine Lally, Prof Janet Mifsud, Dr Barbara Mostacci, Dr Natela Okujava, Dr Francesca Sofia, Dr Janine Winterbottom, Ms Leonie Wollscheid.