Africa – How many steps have you budgeted for this year as #50Million Steps for Epilepsy Campaign returns in 2022???

The 50 Million Steps for Epilepsy Campaign launched in 2021, with great success. Our target of seeing a step taken for each person living with epilepsy in the world was smashed, with almost 165 million steps achieved!

Let’s take our awareness raising even further in 2022!!

Starting on Monday, January 10th and ending on the International Epilepsy Day – Monday February 14th, we’re walking to raise awareness, improve visibility and increase understanding of epilepsy.

Walking has been part of our living in Africa – Lets count our steps going to the well, going to church, going out for fun, going to school – Lets count the steps every day everywhere!!!!

Let us know your plans so that we link it to prospective funding.

Are you willing to support raise vital funds for an African Epilepsy Chapter? Please do we need your support as a region! Why not aim to raise $1 for every 1000 steps you take?

You can donate directly to any of the many associations listed on the website, from across the world.

Will you walk with us and add your steps to our grand total?

50 Million Steps Campaign

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