Launch of an Epilepsy Advocacy Toolkit

The epilepsy advocacy toolkit was created in response to increasing interest and requests from persons with epilepsy and their representative organizations from across Africa. The aim of this toolkit is to contribute to the growing regional and global dialogue on the importance of engagement on issues that affect persons with epilepsy. Specifically, the toolkit will show how to engage, and win, with easy-to-use but effective tools and methods and effective use of evidence-based advocacy to influence policy and decision-makers. Coincidentally, this toolkit comes at a time when the epilepsy movement is celebrating the endorsement of the World Health Assembly Resolution 73.11 on a Global Plan for Epilepsy and Other Neurological Disorders.

The toolkit highlights four particular aspects of the advocacy journey, starting with creating the bigger picture, planning your advocacy, taking action and expanding your reach. The bigger picture helps us to understand the real situation for persons with epilepsy, to identify gaps that are not addressed through policies and to provide examples of success. The second aspect highlights how advocates can have a systematic plan to effectively engage. With a trusted plan, there is no need to hesitate to take action!

Lastly, there is a need to ensure that advocates expand their reach and work with others who are like-minded and those who would be influencers. The toolkit also includes a number of case studies in which organizations of person with epilepsy and stakeholders in Africa have been working. In conclusion, there is no excuse for failing to develop an epilepsy advocacy plan or for excluding key stakeholders in advocacy efforts. Persons with epilepsy and their representative organizations are the experts on issues affecting them and are generating community- and evidence-based information that will complement official data. With the guidance of the toolkit, persons with epilepsy and their representative organizations can respond in a highly professional manner to advocacy needs.

Please help us distribute this to all those who need it to help us in Making Epilepsy a Health Priority in Africa!
For additional information or to download the toolkit, please use this link:

Download Advocacy Toolkit


Action Amos
IBE Vice President Africa

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