IBE – Africa believes in involving future leaders, including young people in particularly women, in issues that will affect them or their communities for the rest of their lives. Small bursaries are available from AREC to women and/or young people who can show they can have an impact on and develop efforts to increase the social inclusion of those with epilepsy in their community. These people could be youths and women with epilepsy, nurses, teachers, journalists, filmmakers, social workers, students, or IBE Golden Lights winners. The purpose of this program is to provide you the exposure and assistance you need to fight for social inclusion in your nation. we are now seeking five champions across Africa.


The Country Champions is a 5 months program that helps you pursue an advocacy idea that will have social inclusion impact

Champions are expected to:

– Be motivated to engage in a small program of their choice;

– Participate in the advocacy work and attend other forums as deemed significant to the Mission of IBE;

– Develop an idea or discussion topic to work on in 5 months

– Engage with stakeholders through media and other communication platforms to create awareness and visibility of your work.

Eligibility Requirements:

Prior involvement in the areas of advocacy and social inclusion is beneficial but not necessary

– This call is open to anyone in any epilepsy work in Africa.

– Women and young people between the ages of 17 and 30

Send a brief video outlining your motivation for participating in the program, your idea and your anticipated results by August 22nd to and copy, to be considered for the program. The maximum of the video is 4 minutes.

                                                                                                                                          Supported by: Band Foundation